Using New Microwave Technology to Selectively Destroy Fat Cells

1 year ago 0

Dr Khan will look at and assess the world’s first and only body shaping and cellulite device that uses specialist microwave technology (2.45 GHz)  to

A vision for change

1 year ago 0

The professionalisation of aesthetic medicine is essential for the development of the industry and its long-term survival. Organisations such as the British College of Aesthetic

Asthetic Medicine India Show

1 year ago 0

Aesthetic Medicine, India, will be held in Mumbai from 15-16 September 2019. Aesthetic Medicine (AM) is part of the Global Professional Beauty Group and is

Empowering women in aesthetics

1 year ago 0

Friday March 8, 2019 marks International Women’s Day; a worldwide event that highlights the social, economic, cultural and political achievements and contributions made by women

Aesthetic practitioners happy but need more business support, says survey

1 year ago 0

Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance recently carried out an anonymous online survey of more than 300 Cosmetic and Aesthetic Practitioners (CAPs) across the UK. Demographics Practitioners

Fat cells work different ‘shifts’ throughout the day

1 year ago 0

Fat cells in the human body have their own internal clocks and exhibit circadian rhythms affecting critical metabolic functions, new research in the journal Scientific Reports, finds.

Don’t miss your beauty sleep!

1 year ago 0

Sleep is as important for our bodies as breathing, eating and drinking water and disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can impact us both mentally

What is V3 lift?

1 year ago 0

V 3 lift with fillers is a type of a non-surgical lift with youthful enhancements. It is a procedure carried out on the face to

Combination treatments work the best,” says Dr Rekha Sheth

1 year ago 0

Dr Rekha Sheth is a name to reckon with in the cosmetic dermatology industry in India. With more than 35 years of experience in the

All you need to know about hair loss

1 year ago 0

With drastic changes in lifestyle, people around the globe have to grapple with a nagging complaint called hair loss. In India, too, there is considerable


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