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Galderma UK announces plan to appoint sole-preferred distributor for aesthetics solutions business

2 months ago 0

Galderma (U.K.) Limited has begun a review of its distribution arrangements, with the intention of moving to a sole-preferred distributor relationship.   Established distributors have been offered the opportunity to tender for the new operational model. It is anticipated the commencement

Petition launched to protect children from cosmetic surgery advertising on Instagram

2 months ago 0

Save Face and Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors have launched a petition to urge the UK government to require Instagram to do more to protect young people from having unfiltered access to content from influencers and celebrities that can undermine their self-esteem

Half of all adults with eczema experience anxiety or depression

2 months ago 0

Fifty per cent of adults with eczema have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression in the past 12 months, or show signs of these mental health problems, according to new research in the British Journal of Dermatology. The research, carried out

Empowering women in aesthetics

3 months ago 0

Friday March 8, 2019 marks International Women’s Day; a worldwide event that highlights the social, economic, cultural and political achievements and contributions made by women in our society.  The aesthetics industry is full of hardworking and aspirational women – from aesthetic

Aesthetic practitioners happy but need more business support, says survey

3 months ago 0

Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance recently carried out an anonymous online survey of more than 300 Cosmetic and Aesthetic Practitioners (CAPs) across the UK. Demographics Practitioners are distributed evenly throughout the UK and Ireland, although there is a notably slightly higher

Don’t miss your beauty sleep!

3 months ago 0

Sleep is as important for our bodies as breathing, eating and drinking water and disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can impact us both mentally and physically. Physically not getting enough sleep can lead our immune systems to become weaker

Selfie Dysmorphia is real and you should know more

4 months ago 0

Selfies are an every day phenomenon. You hardly notice the people taking selfies on the street. To get one good picture, you end up taking at least 10 selfies. It’s an integral part of modern life and you don’t think


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