How aesthetic medicine practitioners can build a rewarding brand online

May marks the anniversary month for Aesthetic Medicine in India. In celebration of our anniversary month, the Aesthetic Medicine Digital Series has lined up a host of educational webinars and virtual sessions that would benefit businesses.

One such session was the one conducted live by Ami Savla Hemani, Social Media Expert, Trainer and Consultant, on how aesthetic medicine practitioners can build a rewarding brand online.

Ami Savla Hemani is a new age social woman entrepreneur. Having successfully trained more than 4,500 individuals, she has catered to the social media training needs of many companies, one of the recent being The French Tourism, Mumbai. Ami recently conducted a social media session for 500 doctors across five cities in India.

Ami Savla Hemani’s webinar focused on creating effective and engaging content; building credibility, recognition and prestige online; ethics of healthcare marketing; building successful partnerships; do’s and don’t; and case studies.

Below are some key takeaways from her session:

● On Facebook: Either engage with your clients through business profile or through groups/ community. It is a storytelling platform.
● Business page: Mention your specialty. Enable the review option. Offer clients’ healthcare advice. Share your case studies, clients’ stories. Answer your clients’ queries Share your success and failure stories and inspire young minds. Post or create marketing campaigns around world healthcare or wellness days. Go live and interact with your followers.
● This is the best time to use all the social media platforms. It will increase your recall value in the mind of your clients.
● Being on social media will bring you innumerable opportunities.
● Make a group or be a part of a group. This will make you noticeable among your peers and practitioners. To find the right group, type in your keyword.
● To safeguard your account from hackers, use the two step authentication across all the social media platforms.
● Instagram is the best platform to bring in millennial clientele to your arena.
● Twitter is a short blog platform. While LinkedIn is best for opening discussions and connecting with professionals of your own industry.
● To create posts, use Canva app, for videos – Inshot, for finding the right tags – Leetags, for captions – Captionplus, for forms – Typeform, for grammar check – Grammarly. To get a freelancing content writer at low cost – opt for Fiverr.
● It is important to have the following three things in place:
– Content strategy
– Personal branding
– Community bond

Had a network glitch? Missed parts of the discussion? CLICK HERE for the recorded webinar.