Marketing: The revival tool for aesthetic medicine businesses amid economic uncertainties

As part of the Aesthetic Medicine Digital Series, Dr Ganesh Lakshmanan, CEO, Kairos Solutions, went live in an interview with Shriyal Sethumadhavan, Executive Editor, Aesthetic Medicine India. The focus was on how Marketing can serve as a revival tool for aesthetic medicine businesses amid economic uncertainties.

In all success, the webinar served as an informative platform for the aesthetics community – medical practitioners and devices and pharmaceutical companies. It focused on insights that would guide the community in planning the way forward in business.

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Here are some key takeaways from the interaction with Dr Ganesh Lakshmanan:

• Be it for a product or a service, marketing is all about communication. Based on the situation, the type of communication will change, but marketing will never come to a stop.
• Content will have to be pushed into the consumers mind, and this is a good opportunity for the aesthetics community to push content related to their scope of work.
• Content is a powerful tool to communicate within marketing.
• At such times, medical practitioners can focus on what enhances the personality of a person rather than focusing on promoting their services. The focus should be on end-result.
• Pharma and devices companies can consider launching newsletters, promoting content through their websites and platforms such as webinars for the doctors. These are tools that come at no cost or extremely low cost.
• Look at COVID-19 as an opportunity. Companies need to reboot themselves and communicate more during this time than the regular times, because the customer also has the time to listen to you.
• Medical and pharma companies can come up with a webinar on best medical practices and stay connected with the aesthetic industry. A company doing this will have a upper hand when the lockdown ends because there will be a higher brand recall.
• Medical practitioners should communicate regularly with patients at this time.
• 70 per cent of the business comes from influencers. If you have a connect with social celebrities, get them to talk on your social media pages about your services.
• Understand where your consumer is and decide your objective – what message do you want to convey. The next stage is to then decide the platform through which you want to convey.

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