Patient’s journey: How to find new patients for your aesthetic medicine practice

On May 12, Harshal Limaye, Founder & CEO, Mktg.Doctor, joined Aesthetic Medicine live for a session on Patient’s journey: How to Find New Patients for your Aesthetic Medicine Practice.

Here’s listing select key takeaways from the discussion:

• Stop thinking about how to find new patients and focus on how your patients can find you. It’s about inbound marketing.
• People are now well informed, thanks to the advent of technology. They rate your practice according to the reviews and your website google listing.
• You need to be where your patients are – Online. Digital experience goes a long way. All in all, minimise their wait time.

Patients Journey

Awareness: Make your patient aware of your practices. Here, branding comes into play.
Interest: Emphasis on your specialty and derive their interest.
Desire: Patients start to reach out to you. Queries are asked. (Make sure the person responding to the queries on web chat is knowledgeable.)
Action: They start booking appointments or opt for a virtual consultation.
Post Action: The Follow-up. Consultation phase.

Build a marketing plan using a 360-degree approach

• A multi-channel approach is a must.
• First, build a website. More importantly, drive traffic to it using google ads, online ads, e-mail or SMS marketing.
• Be active on all social media platforms. Make some interactive videos on these channels.

Digital Marketing Framework – Marketing Strategy (longer period plan)

Who: Identify who are your patients. Segmentation is quite crucial.
What: Services you are providing, your location. Narrow down your specialty.
Why: Here, your marketing objectives come to play.

Marketing Tactics (Short term plans)

How: How to engage with your patients.
When: When to tune your marketing messages as per the stage wherein the patient is in their patient’s journey.
Where: Where to reach out. Usage of the right mix of digital channels.

Patient’s funnel – How do you qualify leads?

• Create forms. If a person is willing to take the time to fill the form or take the quiz, he/she can qualify as your lead.
• Build upon your emailing list: Add an email id registration pop up on your website or include it in your forms.

Patient’s acquisition strategies during COVID crisis

• Do not sell your services at this point in time. If you have products, sell them. Sell homecare products.
• Focus on non-invasive or minimally invasive practices.
• Provide online prescriptions.
• Drive telemedicine and virtual consultation to the forefront.
• Give them extra assurance. Interact and connect with them.

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