Telemedicine: Analysing its potential for the aesthetics community

As reported, the telemedicine industry is expected to create more than US$5.4 billion market opportunity by 2025. Also, India’s telemedicine guidelines issued in March 2020 have clarified regulations for start-ups and investors.

As part of the Aesthetic Medicine Digital Series, Amit Munjal, Founder & CEO, Doctor Insta, went live in an interview with Shriyal Sethumadhavan, Executive Editor, Aesthetic Medicine India. With an exchange of questions and answers that would benefit the aesthetic medicine practitioners, the webinar also held live polls to understand the doctors’ experience with telemedicine and related apprehensions.

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Here are some key takeaways from Amit Munjal’s discussion:

• Telemedicine has grown exponentially across the globe and in India.
• Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while announcing the initial lockdown, addressed the citizens to opt for online consultation instead of going to the clinics.
• For dermatologists, video consultation has increased by 400.50 per cent.
• Even though our country has churned out some of the best doctors, the doctors to patients’ ratio is not the best. And, with Telemedicine, patients living in different areas will have the accessibility to services.
• Telemedicine will help doctors plan out their timetable, make working hours even more flexible.
• With Telemedicine, pre-consultation and post-operative care can be taken up by the dermatologist or aesthetic medicine practitioners. Follow-ups with your patients can be easily done by using telemedicine applications.
• You will be able to create a bond with your prospective patients.
• Telemedicine helps you to expand your catchment area, thereby enhancing your reach.
• India is a ripe country for Telemedicine. Compared to the leading countries like the USA, India does not require state-wise board certification to treat your patients.
• Consider this time to be the best opportunity to adapt Telemedicine in your arena.
• You can sync various tools with Telemedicine applications to make your patients experience much better.

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