Gender neutrality might be the next big thing

Dr Alexander Rivkin from the US talks about the changing perception of gender and the concept of gender fluidity.

A Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon who pioneered the non-surgical nose job, Dr Alexander Rivkin has revealed that gender fluidity might be the new emerging cosmetic trend. As nonbinary fashion and beauty becomes more mainstream, from red carpet style to Mattel’s new gender-neutral dolls, Dr Rivkin reports patient requests have moved away from traditional femininity or masculinity in favour of a more fluid look.

" I don’t see people coming in saying, ‘I want to look androgynous,’ but I’m seeing movement into the middle, aesthetically, where some women are choosing to do procedures that have been regarded as more traditionally male, and some men are choosing procedures that are more traditionally female," Rivkin was quoted in the Hollywood Reporter.

While most female patients were once requesting sloped noses and softening of features, Dr Rivkin is now receiving requests for sharper angles with straighter jawlines and noses. For male patients, he has noted an uptick in lip and cheek enhancements in search of a more youthful and attractive appearance. Using a combination of Botox and precisely placed fillers, Dr Rivkin is able to custom-tailor a treatment plan that suits each individual patient’s needs and desires.