How to make the most of Instagram for your business

Image Courtesy : Ecwid

Marketing your clinic on Instagram can prove to be a game-changer for your business. Our social media expert Ami Savla Hemani discusses key aspects of putting your business out there on Instagram.

That social media is helpful is a known fact, but at the same time, it can be confusing, especially for beginners. Here’s how aesthetic medicine practitioners can use Instagram to their maximum advantage.

Instagram is a visual platform and thus pictures play a very important role here. How the pictures are clicked and positioned is also equally important.

Checklist for your Instagram posts:
1. Have an updated bio and about us section
2. Use keywords and important information in your posts
3. Medical issues can be scary, so you need to mellow them down by sharing some insightful and behind the scene information
4. Share pictures of your office space, rooms, equipments
5. Share a description of medical equipments and how and why are they used
6. Share pictures with your patients (with appropriate approvals) and some insights about them. For example, one of your patients could be an amazing musician and you can highlight that a bit in your post.
7. Share pictures of your staff and feature them on your page on their expertise and how they are an asset to your practice.
8. Use trending, location-specific, brand-specific hashtags in your posts
9. Share medical images
10. Leverage influencer marketing
11. Hosts contests
12. Have video content
13. Livestream on IGTV
14. Micro blog
15. Comment and like other posts, too
16. Explore Instagram stories to share live and quick updates

Some useful apps/platforms for Instagram:
– Story highlighter and Unfold – Creative Instagram stories
– Lee tags – To find trending hashtags
– Repost for Instagram – To reshare others posts on your feed
– Preview – Grid planning
– 9 cut – to break one picture into multiple pictures

Ami Savla Hemani is a Social Media Expert, Consultant, Trainer, and Visiting Faculty at NMIMS, Mumbai. She is also the founder of the Socialize Store.