Use Facebook to boost your business

Facebook is a storytelling platform, which makes content and titles of your posts important

Ami Savla Hemani, Social Media Expert, Consultant, Trainer, and Visiting Faculty at NMIMS, talks about how to make Facebook work for you in the best possible way.

Check list of things you should be considering doing on Facebook:
– Share relevant content
– Be consistent
– Have a good mix of personal + professional posts
– Share patient success stories (But don’t focus on patients, rather than focus on conditions, treatments or research)
– Interact with followers
– Join or create your own online communities/forums and contribute by adding value
– Be authentic (information should be unbiased and not pushy)
– Have consistency in profiles
– Collaborate and network
– Create and share simple and relatable content
– Personalise health tips/remedies
– Write or share useful articles
– Share useful information
– Share live experiences
– Share some inspirational/motivational content
– Share funny/interesting episodes that can engage your audience
– Care about your staff and write about them
– Talk about a healthy lifestyle and how people can incorporate in their daily life
– Take benefit of Facebook Live for Q&A sessions
– Take surveys and polls
– Promote local events
– Participate in a social cause

Some apps/platforms to help you create posts for Facebook
– Canva/Crello – helps you to create engaging digital creatives
– Filmora – helps you create effective videos
– Picsart – helps you edit pictures
– Wordclouds – helps you create a word collage
– Typeform – helps you create online survey and feedback forms