Innovation through partnership

Mary Care Inc a well-known brand in skincare recently offered an educational grant to the International Master Course on Ageing Science (IMCAS) Academy to fund their webinar on “Office Peels and Home Peels”. This was available to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, industry specialist, and aesthetic practitioners, to assist them with continuing their education and improving their practice.

The webinar debuted worldwide to over 1,200 attendees. It gave an overview of chemical peels – including a discussion on whether one should peel or not, different types of peels that are available, peeling for different skin types, the use of new ingredients in peels, the possible dangers of using a peel for patients who might have certain skin diseases. The panel was chaired by Dr Uliana Gout, MD Alongside Dr Hines, and included Dr Foteini Bageorgou, Dermatologist; Dr Marina Landau, Dermatologist; and Dr Mukta Sachdev, Dermatologist.

“Women of any age, anywhere in the world, want flawless skin,” said Dr Hines. “Currently, chemical peels are a popular skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing procedure. Professional and at-home peels offer different experiences and benefits. As there are many options available, education and awareness are important to make the best choice. Mary Kay was thrilled to provide a grant to further education and research on the topic.”

The webinar is available for viewing on the IMCAS Academy Library portal.