Light Therapy Market expected to exceed US$ 1 billion by 2025

As per the market research report, light therapy market is expected to exceed US$ 1 billion by 2025 with red light therapy treatment witnessing a growth of over 4.5 per cent CAGR. The growing adoption of light therapy in various medical conditions will further accelerate the demand for light therapy devices thereby augmenting business growth.

Light therapy and red-light therapy are two completely different concepts, where the former deals with patients suffering from depression as it resets the circadian rhythm by controlling the sleep-wake cycle and later improves sleep efficiency by providing individuals maximum hours of sleep thus surging its demand among the population. Also, the increasing demand for non-invasive skin treatment like blue light therapy for treating several skin diseases such as acne vulgaris will favour the growth of light therapy market. However, several side effects of light therapy including headache and nausea may hamper industry growth in future.

Light visors segment which accounted for around US$ 79 million and dermatology clinics segment which accounted for about US$ 210 million in 2018 is also expected to observe sharp growth by 2025. Rising demand for customized and personalized cosmetic treatments provided at dermatology clinics with Wide adoption of these devices in novel applications such as in-flight treatment will further boost the growth in this segment. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition caused by the overactive immune system along with red patches, inflammation and flaking have accounted for than 20 per cent revenue share in 2018 are also believed to witness substantial growth in coming years.

Due to the increasing prevalence of dermatological diseases coupled with the growing demand for aesthetic procedures, the Asia Pacific region is estimated to exceed US$ 250 million by 2025. And this is indeed a piece of positive news for the business players. Moreover, sustainable economic growth and rising healthcare expenditure in countries such as India, China and Japan will further accelerate regional light therapy market growth.

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