Ageless – A tribute to women dermatologists on International Women’s Day

Female patient receiving cosmetic treatment at clinic

Originally, March 8 – International Women’s Day – was about female workers right. The day has been enacted over the years through revolutions and marches and has eventually become a day that represents all the struggles that women have faced for equality in a pre-dominantly male-centric world. In 2021, this day might not represent messages of radical reform, but it continues to be a day to celebrate women in all spheres and at all positions in life – be it economic, social, political, cultural, young, middle-aged, or aged.

In the 21st century, women continue to face judgement and bias on several fronts – one of them is on their choices and decisions about their body – they face comments, belittling and stigmas on getting cosmetic surgeries and ironically, at the same time, are expected to be ageless and well-kempt to remain eligible for certain jobs.

Aesthetic dermatologists make it a reality for several women – to get the look she desires with best treatments and often help keep the treatments under wraps, as per the wishes of the clients. Dermatologists also constantly strive for improvements and innovation in treatments, to offer better procedures, lessen down-time and enhance results of procedures for the clients – procedures that can change the way a woman looks and more importantly how she feels! Mental health is invaluable and being satisfied with the way you look is a large part of that well-being.

From tummy tucks, to fillers, threads, RF treatments, hydra facial treatments, semi-permanent make-up and most importantly, a kind ear – aesthetic dermatologists offer it all! And we would like to thank them for giving women the opportunity of choice – a choice to feel happy about the way we look… and be ageless.