Bollywood actresses speak up on plastic surgery

In Bollywood, the emphasis largely is on beauty. And, actresses do go that one notch up to do what it takes to sustain that beauty and retain their youthful glow. However, their bold moves often tend to get trolled or accused, be it for getting a Botox done, or undergoing plastic surgery, or any other. On social media, these moves make headlines for discussions, largely leading to criticisms and unhealthy judgements.

But these divas have started coming out in the open and speaking up on their bold moves.

Recently, in an inspiring post about being body shamed, Actress Shruti Haasan went on to Instagram and has stated: “Most often I’m at the mercy of my hormones mentally and physically, and over the years, I work hard to try and have a healthy relationship with it. The pain isn’t easy the physical challenges aren’t easy but what’s become easier to me is to share my journey.” She happily states, “this is my life my face and yes I’ve had a plastic surgery which I am not ashamed to admit.” Does she promote it? Is she against it? Well, as she mentions, it’s the way she chooses to live!

While beauty tops the priority list, the pressure to look young is equally at the top for actresses in this industry.

At Kareena Kapoor Khan’s video show ‘What Women Want’, Raveena Tandon has reported spoken about the beauty business in the film industry. She has been quoted saying, it is ‘hypocritical’ that only female actors are ‘accused’ of going under the knife or getting Botox as male actors also undergo plastic surgery. While she strongly voiced that the media only accuses women, she has gone on to question that when heroes do it too, why point fingers at women only? She has reportedly been quoted from the show asking: “Have our heroes discovered the eternal fountain of youth? Are they drinking something out of somewhere which we heroines don’t know? What is it?”
In terms of staying young, Tandon has said, it’s all in the heart… it’s what you think and how you are.