ClearSkin PRO by Alma, unveiled at IMCAS World Congress

Alma, launched the ClearSkin PRO, a breakthrough applicator at IMCAS World Congress in Paris

Alma, one of the top five global leaders of energy-based medical and aesthetics solutions, announced the launch of ClearSkin PRO, featuring twice the power of previous solutions, resulting in visibly younger looking skin. 

IMCAS World Congress
Launched during the IMCAS World Congress in Paris, ClearSkin PRO delivers up to 3000 mJ of non-ablative laser energy per pulse – double the power of existing treatments, to provide proven and remarkable skin rejuvenation results . ClearSkin PRO’s unique features include zero downtime, year-round treatments and superior procedure safety for all skin types.

A breakthrough applicator
ClearSkin PRO utilizes a non-ablative Er:Glass 1540nm laser with simultaneous contact cooling to create columns of coagulation, promote new dermis synthesis and regenerate the extracellular matrix while leaving the epidermis intact and maintaining a high level of safety.

Launched together with a new Harmony XL PRO Special Edition, the combination of the two – the long-proven, renewed best-seller multiplatform and the innovative applicator, opens a new era for skin rejuvenation treatments, combining the strongest thermal effect with an already clinically proven array of applicators for holistic treatment approach.

Excerpt from the expert
“ClearSkin PRO is a significant evolutionary development, offering enhanced clinical capabilities on top of existing solutions, adding real value to practitioners’ clinical portfolio” said Lior Dayan, CEO of Alma.

About Alma
Alma is a global innovator of Laser, Light-based, Radiofrequency, Plasma and Ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets. We enable practitioners to offer safe and effective procedures while allowing patients to benefit from state-of-the-art, clinically proven technologies and treatments.

Source: PR News Wire