Doctors At Delhi Hospital Reconstruct Thumb From Toe In Microsurgery

The patient had lost his thumb and three fingers in an accident at his workplace.

Doctors at a private hospital in New Delhi successfully rejoined three fingers and reconstructed a thumb using microsurgery techniques. The patient had lost his thumb and three fingers in an accident at his workplace.

The patient, a 44-year-old factory worker, met with an accident at his workplace in Uttarakhand. He was taken to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital eight hours after the injuries by his colleagues, who carried his severed fingers in a polythene bag. However, they did not bring the thumb because it was crushed in the accident.

The surgical team at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital performed the complex procedure by reattaching the severed fingers and using a toe from the patient’s foot to create a new thumb. The surgery required intricate microsurgical techniques, including the use of a microscope and specialised instruments, to reattach blood vessels and nerves.

Dr Mahesh Mangal, Chairman, Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery reportedly said that the major challenge the team faced was to reconstruct the patient’s missing thumb. For this, the team reconstructed a thumb by transferring the second toe finger from the right foot of the patient and grafting it at the severed thumb’s place, he reportedly added.

The microsurgery lasted for 10 hours and the doctors reimplanted his three fingers by joining the blood vessel, nerve, bones and tendons under a microscope.

Dr Mangal was quoted saying that patients and relatives should try to retrieve amputated parts from the trauma scene because it is critical for survival and functionality.