Dr Parag Telang taps into UAE aesthetic medicine market

Dr Parag Telang, Founder and Director of Mumbai-based Designer Bodyz Centre for Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, recently joined Burjeel Reem Day Surgery Centre at Abu Dhabi, UAE, as a visiting specialist cosmetic plastic surgeon. According to reports, Dr Telang decided to offer cosmetic surgeries to the UAE patients because his Mumbai centre has been getting several patients from the Middle Eastern country. Also, the UAE patients are quite aware of the aesthetic medicine industry. Dr Telang will perform facial aesthetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty using autologous cartilage, deep plane facelift, gliding browlift, blepharoplasty, breast surgeries and body contouring surgeries. These surgeries are performed at his Mumbai centre as well. Apart from these, he will also, as reported, offer ear reconstruction surgery for microtia.