Have you witnessed an increase in the number of post-COVID patients with hair loss?

Infected or not, the impact of COVID-19 on the psychological and physiological conditions are not unknown. Among its various post-COVID common side-effects, recent statements reported by doctors have revealed hair loss as one of the fast-emerging ones.

It is known that temporary reversible hair loss cases – also known as telogen effluvium in post-COVID patients – have been growing in numbers owing to physical and emotional stress. Medical experts have also referred to exercising, de-stressing, and maintaining a well-balanced diet as key solutions to hair loss.

As reported by leading news portals, in a post-COVID scenario, hair loss begins two to three months post recovery from the virus. Reasons leading to this condition of hair loss could be many, such as, fever because of infection, diet changes, stress due to isolation, financial worries, or fear of losing the job. The condition is temporary and occurs in COVID patients because of the body having to sustain fever and other symptoms.

This plus, COVID-19 need not be the only reason to cause this type of hair fall. Other contributing factors include changes in diets, weight loss, sudden hormone changes, and iron deficiency. However, telogen effluvium improves in about three to six months post-onset of hair loss.

It is important for all dermatologists to create awareness among their patients about this condition. If the hair fall is alarming, especially accompanied by itching and flakiness in the scalp, it is important that patients consult a hair specialist for treatment.