Indian men turn to cosmetic treatments; chemical peels, non-ablative skin procedures opted: Report

Customers in Tier-I cities choose both non-invasive and invasive treatments, while those in Tier-II and -III cities opt for non-invasive, more product based treatments.

There is a considerable rise in cosmetic treatments among Indian men who are increasingly investing in sculpting facials, fat-freezing surgeries and new-age fillers, a latest study showed.

According to the study published by Research and Markets, India is among the countries where top treatments such as chemical peels and non-ablative skin rejuvenation are being opted for. The research pegs the aesthetics treatments market in India to be worth $113 million, with an estimated 30 per cent year-on-year growth in the next five years. Furthermore, Indian men are known to be the major market movers amid this growth.

It is almost like a new tribe of men has now discovered that self-care is for them as well. As secondary sources reveal, men under the age of 20 opt for acne-targeted treatments, the 20 to 40 years-old segment is more focused on laser hair removal, botulinum toxin to counter frown lines, face shaping and body sculpting. The 40-year-old and above male customer base mostly shifts to anti-ageing. In Tier-I cities, both non-invasive and invasive treatments are popular, while Tier-II and -III cities are in the ‘early stages’ of aesthetic treatments, with most opting for non-invasive, more product-based treatments.