Labo Suisse, Swiss-based premium cosmetic brand, ties up with Zee Laboratories

Labo Suisse, founded in Basel, Switzerland, has been a forerunner in the research and development of dermo-cosmetic products since its launch in 1986. The company has recently forayed into the India market and has launched its leading skin and hair care product range: Cresina Enhanced HFSC, Cresina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss Complete Therapy, and Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler and Creams. Labo Suisse has made its India entry in collaboration with Zee Laboratories. Zee Laboratories is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical and affordable medicine sector; this partnership with Labo Suisse marks Zee Laboratories’ entry to the aesthetic dermatology segment in India, which is among the fastest growing therapy segments in the country.

Crescina Enhanced HFSC formulation is a topical dermo-cosmetic product that helps hair health. The formula uses Patented Transdermic Technology and is recommended in cases of a thinned scalp.

Cresina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss Complete Therapy is useful in counteracting premature hair loss. The Complete Hair Therapy combines Crescina Enhanced HFSC and Crescina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss in a single package. Suitable for men and women, the Crescina Line is the first clinically developed dermo-cosmetic PRP and Minoxidil replacement treatment. Based on eight Swiss and European patents, the Crescina re-growth and booster complexes provide the essential proteins, peptides and cyclodextrins required for great hair health.

Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler is the first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for use at home. It provides a needle-free filling effect making use of Swiss patented, 12 differentiated hyaluronic acids complex. Fillerina 12 HA technology allows for the deep penetration of large quantities of hyaluronic acid into the skin tissue resulting in the filling of deep depressions on the face, such as wrinkles and expression lines. It also helps increase the volume of cheekbones and lips.

The Fillerina 12HA Densifying Filler line is primarily based on the intensive filler treatment over 14 days. The kit includes a filler gel and a nourishing film with a patented truncated tip applicator for use for two weeks. The gel comprises three collagen molecules and two elastin molecules with different molecular weights that penetrate the dermis, providing a densifying effect. Fillerina Daily Creams are based on a similar patent technology and hyaluronic complex that target specific areas such as eye and lips. The Fillerina day and night creams are suggested as a maintenance routine and are helpful to extend and maintain the filling results.

Judging by the number of successful launches of products in the beauty industry this past quarter, as it turns out, the pandemic has not slowed things down!