Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics introduces a programme to promote weight loss and fat burning

Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics has introduced Beyond Weight Loss – a one-of-a-kind programme that promotes weight loss and fat burning by prioritising food using a scientific approach. The plan not only aids in weight loss but improves several other aspects of physical and mental health.

The two-step programme promises long-lasting weight loss using a simple, two-step system. The dieticians help the patients with weight loss diets that optimise immune function and support overall health.

This diet plan is highly sustainable and its boosts the metabolism, and ramp up fat burning.

Oliva’s holistic weight management programme aims to deliver long-term health benefits and encourages lifestyle transformation beyond weight reduction. Here are the benefits one can expect from a programme of this nature:
• Achieve targeted weight loss and maintain a healthy BMI.
• Become slim without suffering from muscle loss and nutrient deficiency.
• Eliminate unhealthy fat from your body and improve your metabolism.
• Sustain weight goals and prevent regain through an extensive maintenance programme.

Additionally, it empowers one to lead a healthy life:
• Manage your co-morbidities and improve your vital parameters.
• Enhance your fitness scores, flexibility, stamina and agility.
• Boost your health with a customised nutritional and lifestyle management plan.
• Enhance your overall shape with the help of additional body contouring services.

In the second phase, you are also able to take the Inch Loss Plan, which offers body contouring treatments.

After weight loss, everyone experiences loose fat issues. Driven by a team of experts and dieticians, these body contouring treatments target fat bulges and saggy skin.

A non-surgical, safe and scientifically backed procedure, The Inch Loss programme effectively sculpts and tightens the skin to show visible and sustainable results without any surgery or cuts. Oliva uses Accent Prime TM Alma Lasers, the most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. The leading dermatologists at Oliva use the USFDA-approved latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radiofrequency (RF) technologies to deliver practical, highly customised treatments with natural, long-lasting results. The US energy is distributed homogeneously throughout the treatment area, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells. Then RF power is used, producing deep thermal heating to the tissue, resulting in a more concentrated energy treatment. This unique combination reduces treatment time and the number of sessions while yielding more powerful results.

The ultrasound heats and destroys stubborn fat and cellulite permanently, precisely and painlessly, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. While radiofrequency energy helps minimise skin sag after fat loss for a more toned body contour than ever before. It is an evidence-based procedure that involves no massages, no magic pills and no dubious machines. Additional skin tightening benefits of RF technology boosts collagen production in the treated area and prevents skin sagging after fat loss.

Inch loss is desirable not only for aesthetic reasons but also on health grounds. Oliva offers non-surgical body contouring and weight management services for a comprehensive treatment of unhealthy body fat. A recent study mentioned the benefits of body contouring. The report followed about 100 patients who had lost about 45 kg post weight loss and did not have any cosmetic procedures to remove the resulting excess skin, gaining back about 22 pounds, but those who did have body contouring done only gained back about 5 kg.

Countless women are affected by cellulite, and body contouring is a simple way to reduce cellulite, tightening the skin for a smoother and younger look. The Beyond Weight Loss programme is slowly becoming a go-to-choice for not only those who have stubborn fat but for those as well who are at or are near their ideal body weight as they provide long lasting and natural results.