RealSelf reveals 2020’s highest-rated cosmetic procedures

With ratings shared by real life patients, RealSelf has come up with an estimation on the highest rated cosmetic procedures for this year.

Facial treatments are highly rated by consumers, with both classic facials (99% Worth It Rating) and HydraFacial, which uses a patented device to cleanse, exfoliate and extract pores, earning top spots on the nonsurgical treatment list.

Wrinkle-smoothing injectable toxins Dysport (97% Worth It Rating) and Botox (97% Worth It Rating) both made the list, as did four different injectable fillers: Restylane (97% Worth It Rating), Restylane Lyft (95% Worth It Rating), Juvéderm (93% Worth It Rating) and Voluma (92% Worth It Rating). Lip augmentation (96% Worth It Rating) and nonsurgical nose job (95% Worth It Rating), both of which involve injectable filler, also ranked. In total, injectable toxins, injectable fillers, and filler-related treatments make up more than half of the nonsurgical treatment list.

A total of 37 surgical procedures earned the Most Worth It designation in 2020, with breast-related surgeries taking 14 spots on the list. They range from breast augmentation (98% Worth It Rating), to breast reduction (98% Worth It Rating), to gynecomastia surgery (98% Worth It Rating), also known as male breast reduction. Breast implant removal (97% Worth It Rating) and breast lift (97% Worth It Rating) also made the list.

A total of 15 nonsurgical and 37 surgical procedures are included on the RealSelf 2020 Most Worth It Ranking. Injectable fillers and toxins dominate the nonsurgical list, with eight different treatments earning a spot. Breast-related surgeries account for 14 spots on the surgical list and range from breast augmentation (98% Worth It Rating) to breast reduction (98% Worth It Rating) to breast implant removal (97% Worth It Rating).

“With more than 600 aesthetic procedures featured on RealSelf, consumers look to our annual list of Most Worth It procedures to easily discover and compare top-rated options,” said Tom Seery, RealSelf founder and CEO. “There’s nothing complicated or opaque about our algorithm—our ranking is based solely on Worth It Ratings shared by real patients, and that’s why consumers trust it.”