Snake venom in skincare: Entod Beauty London’s latest offering

Entod Pharmaceuticals’ Entod Beauty London launched a synthetic snake venom-based face serum in India. Claimed to be the world’s first clinically proven synthetic tripeptide snake venom neurotoxin, the serum is said to work by relaxing muscle contractions under the skin.

The nanotechnology-based serum, called Vasuki, can be absorbed 20 times better and faster allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin. Vasuki reduces wrinkles and fine lines around forehead, eyes, neck, hands and lips and is claimed to be fast-acting, long-lasting and reversible, making it ideal for long-term regular usage. The serum has been developed by Swiss researchers and patented by Pentapharm, a Swedish company.

How safe is snake venom for the skin?

Incorporating a synthetic snake venom-based serum in skincare routine can make people apprehensive. However, past research has shown that although poisonous, snake venom peptides can be used as therapeutic drugs or drug leads if used in the right proportions.

“These peptides are of great value, due to their diversified and distinct pharmacological activity, and high affinity and selectivity towards their receptors. For example, snake venom toxins have proved to be invaluable tools in determining the structure and functions of receptors,” according to research published in November 2018.

Since the synthetic snake venom-based serum is a topical treatment, it is painless and affordable as opposed to invasive procedures such as laser treatments and injectables. This further eliminates the risk of side effects associated with injectables such as swelling, droopy eyelid or cockeyed eyebrows and headache or flu-like symptoms among others.

The patented anti-ageing synthetic tripeptide snake venom neurotoxin complex contains a laboratory-grown version of the tripeptide neurotoxin Waglerin-1, which is found in the venom of the temple viper snake, Vasuki stated on its website. Apart from this, synthetic snake venom-based skincare treatments are affordable when compared with injectables.

At present, Vasuki snake venom-based serum is only available at local dermatologist or cosmetologist clinics.

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