Alma launches DermaClear

Designed to cleanse, extract and hydrate, DermaClear, launched by Alma, is a revolutionary medical grade resurfacing technology, which clears out pores and hydrates the skin. The non-invasive water and serum-based resurfacing facial treatment exfoliates the top layers of the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities, while it hydrates the skin, providing instant rejuvenation and replenishment. The system’s unique 360° rotating tip and powerful suction action enable a deep cleansing process and extract impurities from the face. It operates in a complete circular motion, enabling a much more efficient penetration of moisturizing solutions and antioxidants, so that the skin gets the important nourishment it needs from the inside. Made of flexible silicone material, the applicator is soft and flexible and feels pleasant on the skin. For specific patient conditions such as acne, anti-age and pigmentation, the procedure can be customised.