Alma launches its new Hybrid platform

Alma, one of the top five global leaders of energy-based medical and aesthetics solutions, has unveiled its new Alma HybridTM platform. Designed to enable endless options of ablative, non-ablative and thermal treatments for skin rejuvenation and scar revision, Alma HybridTM creates a unique synergistic effect by combining the power of three core energies, including:

CO2 laser: An optimal blend of ablative, coagulative and thermal effects for efficient, highly precise focused or fractional laser treatments.
1570nm laser: A powerful non-ablative modulated fiber laser, which creates a thermal effect that promotes new dermis synthesis while leaving the epidermis intact.
IMPACT for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED): Alma’s patented ultrasound technology, which uses acoustic pressure to deliver pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals trans-epidermally to achieve enhanced results.

“Alma HybridTM platform offers HyGridTM, customised to perfection, a unique feature to Alma that ensures maximum benefit from the effect of the company’s unique technology combination,” says Madhusudhan HK, President, Alma India. It facilitates a customised skin-programme matrix for any desired combination of ablation vs. non-ablation ratio within the treated area. HyGridTM enables practitioners to meet every patient’s specific treatment needs, as well as the desired balance between results timeline, and the patient’s downtime. In addition to this powerful combination of tools, Alma HybridTM smart software enables practitioners to craft ‘signature treatments’ that bring their unique skills and experience into action. The revolutionary HyGridTM mode allows to customise the optimal ratio between CO2 and non-ablative treatments and maximise the effect of each laser wavelength.

A single platform enables you to offer your patients the personalised skin rejuvenation treatments they desire, with complete control of recovery time to meet patient needs. The leading Alma Hybrid treatments include: Hybrid Lift – super renewal treatment, that produces unparalleled results while necessitating a relatively short downtime; Hybrid OScar – scar treatment for the remediation of all types of scar, from acne to trauma to surgical scarring; SoftLift – ‘lunch-time’ rejuvenation treatment to provide refinement of skin tone, contraction of fine lines and wrinkles, and repair of different skin lesions, including acne scars, with virtually no downtime.