DNA-matched skincare from ALLÉL

Created in Sweden by Dr Anne Wetter, founder and head of Esthetic Dermatology, and Dr Elisabet Hagert, associate professor of orthopaedics and hand surgery at the Karolinksa Institute, ALLÉL is a DNA-matched skincare and nutritional supplement subscription service. Based on the fact that 60% of how we age is determined by inherent genetic factors, ALLÉL uses its Power of Prediction skin DNA test to analyse the 16 genetic markers in the five key drivers of ageing: intrinsic ageing, glycation, photoageing, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

The test, developed in partnership with DNA-testing specialist Dynamic Code, involves certified partner clinics taking a swab from the inside of a client’s cheek, which is then sent to Dynamic Code’s lab in Sweden for analysis. The client returns to the clinic approximately a week later to receive the results and undergo a skin consultation. Based on the combined scores of the DNA analysis and the skin consultation, a personalised ALLÉL Skin Genetic System is then put together for the client containing a DNA-matched face serum, face cream and nutritional supplements. Products from ALLÉL’s award-winning Genial range are also available to complement the system.