Post-procedure care for skin

K-beauty products are among the most sought after cosmetics from around the world that focus on natural ingredients as a means to care and protect the skin. Functional cosmetics are highly popular in K-beauty and this is what sets them apart from the cosmetics industries in several other countries.

For a cosmetologist and dermatologist, an important part of a skin treatment is offering an effective post-procedure care (homecare) for the patient. One such product now available to the beauty experts and aesthetic physicians in India is the BBAC All in One Essence. Brought to you by Reform Aesthetics Equipments, this serum has all the natural ingredients that heal the skin while nourishing it with the extract of aloe vera leaf, sunflower seed, bogum cactus, green tea and Bee Propolis. It is found to be effective in moisturizing, soothing, antioxidant anti-ageing, and whitening.

BBAC All in One Essence provides three benefits for your patients’ homecare: It reduces the time and cost for skincare. Suitable for both men and women, it can minimise the skincare routine as well as heal irritated skin. Also, users can save on the cost invested in buying a toner and cream.

Second, the serum provides a mild sense and is a mix of many natural ingredients. Mild sense is beneficial because it does not involve any ingredients that create irritation or makes it heavy for the skin.

Third, BBAC has a gel-type texture that provides a fresh finish post application. It also absorbs immediately on skin without any viscosity. The fresh texture helps promote the natural ingredients in the skin, as well as tackle the pigmentation and wrinkles. It helps in recovering damaged skin all through the day.

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