Protect skin from Complete Spectrum

SPOT-UV by Ipca Laboratories offers protection against the harmful effects such as a wide spectrum ultraviolet, visible light and infrared radiations. It is not just a sunscreen but a complete spectrum protecting gel. The unique formulation of SPOT-UV contains new age advanced filters like polygonum aviculare, which provides adequate protection against infrared radiation. It has excellent antioxidant activity and helps in reducing the age spots. The SPOT-UV Gel has also shown remarkable effect in decreasing skin wrinkles. Other filters such as UvinalA plus, Octyl methoxycinnamate, Zinc oxide, Octocrylene and Benzophenone-3 offers broad UV + Visible protection. The gel offers a truly substantive silicone base and an excellent texturing consistency with matte finish, which helps improve skin complexion and maintain an even skin tone.