Skin Aesthetics Eye Zone Care System

The skin around the eye is thin and sensitive. This area of the eye does more actions during every verbal and non-verbal expression. Due to this, the skin around the eye is where ageing begins.
Skin problems around eyes are diverse and complex. Fine lines and wrinkles, under eye circles, and eye bags and dryness can be mainly attributed to sensitivity of skin and the affecting factors also include exposure to UV, stress, lack of sleep, ageing, poor blood supply and other environmental factors that irritate or cause harm to the skin around eye region.
Infra-orbital shadows or dark circles are formed due to accumulation of haemoglobin and coloured degradation products (biliverdin, bilirubin and iron) in the dermis and epidermis. Because of the complexity, the best way to treat the skin concerns around eyes is to choose the right treatment method and provide the right blend of ingredients to the skin.
‘Eye Cell’, a proven formula, contains chrysin that stimulates the enzyme UGT1A1, which leads to clearance of bilirubin. N-hydroxysuccinamide NHS can form a complex with iron and facilitate its elimination to fade dark pigmentation. Additionally, an Anti-Wrinkle EC Peptide complex like palmitoyl oligopeptide, acetyl hexapeptide -8 and copper tripeptide -1 show an excellent result for deep wrinkles and firming around the eyes.
Genosys EyeCell Eye Zone Care System is a powerful solution to treat skin related conditions around eyes by combining microneedling (0.25 mm) with a right combination of ingredients for total eye rejuvenation.