Skinnovation launches Secret Duo

‘Secret Duo’ by Skinnovation is the world’s first device to offer dual non-ablative technologies that works in total synergy. Secret Duo has a unique combination of 1540 nm Erbium glass laser and Microneedle RF that delivers more effective clinical outcome with virtually no downtime and minimal side effects. With dual energies and various treatment modes, it enables physicians to select the most effective treatment method and energy depending on a variety of conditions such as skin resurfacing, acne and acne scars, scars, wrinkle reduction, tone and texture improvement, stretch marks, skin lifting and tightening on all skin types. Microneedle RF technology provides deeper coagulation, protein denaturation and volumetric heating to achieve deeper skin remodelling with minimal or no downtime and rapid recovery. 1540 nm fractional Erbium glass laser provides non-ablative fractional resurfacing that delivers wider area of protein denaturation and volumetric heating that cause effective improvement to skin with minimal side effects. This new combined non-ablative fractional resurfacing technique delivers an amplified synergy that results in much greater skin remodelling with no downtime and minimal side-effects.