AeSurg 2019 to unveil key trends in aesthetic surgery

The Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS) comprises a niche group of plastic surgeons who are dedicated to growth of aesthetic surgery in India. The 14th edition of AeSurg, the Association’s annual conference, will carry forth its legacy, incepted in 1995, of introducing Indian plastic surgeons to new surgical techniques and cutting edge technologies. AeSurg 2019 is scheduled to be held from 14th to 17th March, 2019, at Fariyas Resort, Lonavla.

Global touch

“Being globally aware, understanding our patient’s psyche and most importantly, learning from the best practices from the world over are therefore imperative in today’s times,” says Dr Neeta Patel, President, IAAPS. True to this philosophy, AeSurg 2019 will play host to a number of exemplary international surgeons who will be attending as faculty. Some of the prominent names include Dr Katarina Andjelkov, Serbia; Dr Giovanni Botti, Italy; Dr Nazim Cerkes, Turkey; Dr Ruth Graf, Brazil; Dr Roger Khouri, USA; Dr Bertrand Lacotte, France; Dr Alessandra Marchi, Italy; Dr Gino Rigotti, Italy; Dr Patrick Tonnard, Belgium; Dr Anastasios Vekris, Greece; and Dr Luiz Toledo, Dubai.

These experts have been roped in to conduct masterclasses at the conference. A delegate can register for one or multiple masterclasses and learn from the best in the industry. The organisers have ensured that these sessions are private and provide highest quality educational content.

AeSurg 2019 will also have a Diaspora Session, which will have plastic surgeons of Indian origin reconnecting with the fraternity and sharing their respective practical and scientific experiences and knowledge with their Indian counterparts.

Scientific programme

AeSurg 2019’s scientific programme is the key highlight of the event.

Dr Patel states, “Dr. Milind Wagh and his team of scientific committee members from across the nation have worked together to design a programme like never before, both in terms of the content as well as exclusivity. The faculty line-up is a panel of experts from varied fields with many laurels under their names.”

As the chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dr Wagh underscores the importance of the scientific programme as a beacon that would lead new minds in aesthetic surgery toward a brighter future. He says, “Our younger colleagues, who have just started practice, intend to seek clinically applicable knowledge from the seasoned professionals so that they can venture into this challenging world with confidence and ethical integrity.”

The scientific committee has also ensured that knowledge is dispensed in various different formats at the conference. So, there will be panel discussions, lectures, presentations, Q and A sessions, live demos, videos and much more. Dr Wagh explains, “We intend to have a session on carefully selected videos from E-Aesthetica, an online treasure trove of pre-edited Aesthetic surgical videos. These videos are made by international experts in different fields of aesthetic surgery. This will be a practical learning of the nuances in commonly done procedures.”

Another important subject for today’s aesthetic plastic surgeon is rhinoplasty. AeSurg 2019 offers an intensive course on rhinoplasty, which covers the open as well as the closed techniques. Dr Nazim Cerkes from Turkey will systematically educate attendees on the finer aspects of each method for them to improve their skills.

AeSurg 2019 has trained its focus on several developments in the industry that are challenging and affecting the practice of aesthetic surgery, not only in India but all over the world. One such topic is fat grafting. Given the vast scope of the subject, the conference has curated a Fat Grafting Course for the delegates, to be conducted by Dr Gino Rigotti. It includes breast augmentation, reshaping and reconstruction, face/hands rejuvenation, and face therapy along with essential knowledge about how and why fat is important in aesthetic surgery.