“Engage the consumer in an educational way,” says Geraldine Schefermann of Dermalogica

Geraldine Schefermann, International Education Retail Manager at Dermalogica, UK, delivered a presentation on skin microbiome at Aesthetic Medicine India Conference. We engaged her in a tete-a-tete about her experience and expertise of training skin therapists.

Quite simply put, microbes that live in a particular environment or biome are called microbiomes. They play an important role as they help our skin perform its primary function of being a physical barrier and to prevent the invasion of foreign pathogens. Geraldine Schefermann, International Education Retail Manager at Dermalogica UK, visited India to be part of the first edition of Aesthetic Medicine India conference, wherein she presented a lecture on Microbiome and Skin Profile on the second day of the conference. Geraldine is qualified as a skin therapist in South Africa. She has many years of experience as a skin expert and has worked for some of the most prestigious skin centres and MediSpas around the world.

Skin and training are her passion, which she shares with the brand. When asked about what sparked her interest in education, she said, “When I was in college, I had a Dermalogica trainer who trained us about the products. Looking at her, I was enlightened with the vision of being just like her. I had a good career within the beauty industry doing all sorts of things – be it business, sales, marketing. It was when I moved to the UK and a position at Dermalogica came up as a trainer and I immediately grabbed the opportunity.”

“I was lucky enough to have this opportunity to teach at the International Dermal Institute, thereby travelling around the world, teaching professionals right from dermatologists to skin therapists,” she added. She manages and teaches the extensive curriculum of postgraduate classes in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. She is also a sought-after motivating speaker and is often seen at congresses and trade shows all around the world.

Geraldine is well-versed with the art of interacting with the end-consumer. “It’s all about the consumer experience and how I can engage the consumer in an educational way so that you can learn something about your skin and you. It’s also about bringing the benefits of the products to live, making sure that the product is customized for treating the consumer’s specific concerns,” she explains. In keeping with the brand’s core value, she highlighted how they have launched the expert program in India, which gives the therapist the education and acknowledgement that they need.

Regarding her participation at the first Indian edition of Aesthetic Medicine Show and Conference, Geraldine said, “It’s my first time in India and so far, it’s been amazing. I was taken around today and I have completely fallen in love with Mumbai. People seem to be really on the go here. Being here at the Aesthetic Medicine show, I can see a lot of brands that I am familiar with, which are present in London and the UK as well. I feel this show has bought in a lot of opportunities for all the professional brands.”

Geraldine’s tip box:
1. Don’t sleep with your make-up on.
2. Avoid using soaps. Use a pre-cleanse which is like an oil that removes the dirt completely.
3. Don’t prick your skin to prevent scarring and pigmentation.
4. Use a moisturiser that contains an SPF to avoid photo-ageing.