Doublo Gold: High intensity focused ultrasound

Skin Aesthetics offers the revolutionary non-invasive Doublo Gold technology. Earlier, contraction of superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer was only done by surgical procedure. But now, due to the revolutionary non-invasive Doublo Gold technology, energy goes deeper into the skin and facilitates the contraction of SMAS layer, ultimately offering the lifting effect. It achieves remarkable face tightening, lifting and contouring effect after only a single treatment session with no down time. It is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment; one can resume work immediately after the treatment.

As per clinical data, Doublo-Gold offers excellent results in facial and neck rejuvenation and delivers 80 per cent rate of improvement in each treated area, while 78 per cent of patient satisfaction followed up 90 days after the treatment. Doublo Gold (HIFU) technology simultaneously treats both the dermis and the SMAS for immediate improvement through lifting, tightening and wrinkle reduction. It also comes with body probe, ie, 13 mm deep for body sculpting. Doublo-Gold is a time tested and trusted brand over the last seven years across the globe, and the largest preferred brand among all HIFU devices. Over 700,000 treatments have been performed across the globe with 3,000 installed systems with Doublo series.