Global beauty devices market to surpass $34 billion by 2024

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A recent study shows an increase in global demand for beauty devices as consumers are opting for various beauty care products. According to a study by reportlinker.com, increasing levels of pollution and its detrimental effects on skin and hair are

Mary Kay reveals research on skin carrier function

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Mary Kay has put forth results of a study to improve skin barrier function and facial redness. Mary Kay continued its decades-long commitment to skin science research by revealing the results of a study to improve skin barrier function and

Becoming tech-savvy

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As patients ‘Google’ for information and feedback, it has become vital for practitioners to be on top of the game. The only way to do it is by being tech-savvy, finds out Sukriti Shahi. Healthcare services getting online has made

Trending now: Laser technology

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Intro: Priya Chaphekar speaks to skin experts about what’s trending in cosmetic laser technology, the skin concerns it addresses and the scope for development. At the pace at which the aesthetic dermatology market is growing – in terms of customer

Safeguarding patient’s mental health

6 months ago 0

Safeguarding mental health has been more and more under the spotlight recently and with calls from the NHS for Superdrug to deliver tougher psychological wellbeing checks for patients, we explore the wider issues involved. Last month Superdrug hit the news

A vision for change

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The professionalisation of aesthetic medicine is essential for the development of the industry and its long-term survival. Organisations such as the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) have long championed the need to improve patient safety, and part of that

Fat cells work different ‘shifts’ throughout the day

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Fat cells in the human body have their own internal clocks and exhibit circadian rhythms affecting critical metabolic functions, new research in the journal Scientific Reports, finds. Researchers led by Dr Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey conducted the first ever

Don’t miss your beauty sleep!

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Sleep is as important for our bodies as breathing, eating and drinking water and disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can impact us both mentally and physically. Physically not getting enough sleep can lead our immune systems to become weaker

What is V3 lift?

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V 3 lift with fillers is a type of a non-surgical lift with youthful enhancements. It is a procedure carried out on the face to give impressive results. It is developed by Dr Shuba Dharmana, Dermatologist, Lejeune Medspa Bangalore, for

Combination treatments work the best,” says Dr Rekha Sheth

7 months ago 0

Dr Rekha Sheth is a name to reckon with in the cosmetic dermatology industry in India. With more than 35 years of experience in the field, she has a host of celebrities on her client list. She also has many

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