Clean-ical and cosmeceutical products by Dr Barbara Sturm now exclusively available in India

One of the world’s most sought-after, aesthetics experts, Dr Barbara Sturm has debuted her high performing, ingredient science focused skincare brand on Nykaa’s Global Store. The Global Store by Nykaa has been designed to democratise the access of international brands

Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics introduces a programme to promote weight loss and fat burning

Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics has introduced Beyond Weight Loss – a one-of-a-kind programme that promotes weight loss and fat burning by prioritising food using a scientific approach. The plan not only aids in weight loss but improves several other

Have you witnessed an increase in the number of post-COVID patients with hair loss?

Infected or not, the impact of COVID-19 on the psychological and physiological conditions are not unknown. Among its various post-COVID common side-effects, recent statements reported by doctors have revealed hair loss as one of the fast-emerging ones. It is known

Power Gummies ropes in superstar Shraddha Kapoor as brand ambassador

1 year ago 0

Health and dietary supplement brand, Power Gummies, known to revolutionise the Indian market with their nutritional format of chewable and tasty vitamin gummies, partners with powerhouse Shraddha Kapoor as their first brand ambassador for their gorgeous hair and nails gummies

Jane Fonda bids adieu to plastic surgery

2 years ago 0

Jane Fonda, Oscar winning actor, spoke openly about her insecurities, problems and how she will no longer get any plastic surgery done Jane Fonda has opened up about her struggles with self-acceptance and her decision to stop having plastic surgery.

Padma Shri Dr Yogi Aeron helps the poor with reconstructive plastic surgery

Residing in a small town near Dehradun, Padma Shri awardee Dr Yogi Aeron has helped thousands his selfless and price-less care The list of unsung heroes who were honoured and awarded with the Padma Shri was much appreciated by the

Use Facebook to boost your business

2 years ago 0

Facebook is a storytelling platform, which makes content and titles of your posts important Ami Savla Hemani, Social Media Expert, Consultant, Trainer, and Visiting Faculty at NMIMS, talks about how to make Facebook work for you in the best possible

Aesthetic Trends 2020: An overview

2 years ago 0

With an increased demand for beauty innovations coupled with growing wellness concerns, the medical aesthetic market is expected to embrace newer trends and techniques in the year 2020. Priya Chaphekar speaks to the experts. The field of medical aesthetics has

Revision treatments on the rise, says RealSelf report

2 years ago 0

RealSelf has revealed the fastest-growing cosmetic treatments of 2019 and industry predictions for 2020 in its new 2019 Aesthetics Trend Report. The 2019 Aesthetics Trend Report is based on traffic from consumers in the United States who researched cosmetic treatments

Gender neutrality might be the next big thing

2 years ago 0

Dr Alexander Rivkin from the US talks about the changing perception of gender and the concept of gender fluidity. A Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon who pioneered the non-surgical nose job, Dr Alexander Rivkin has revealed that gender fluidity might be

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