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Skin problems on the rise in the capital

1 year ago 0

Rising pollution in Delhi-NCR takes its toll on the skin, too. As per a report in, toxic high pollution levels in Delhi-NCR is not only taking a toll on people’s health but is also adversely affecting their skin, causing

Beat your skin allergy woes this winter

1 year ago 0

In the last few months of winter, beat the skin allergies and itchiness with these tips and tricks specially curated for you Itchy skin can be a symptom of an allergic reaction to products used everyday like nail polish, fragrances,

Facial fat transfer demand to soar, says report

1 year ago 0

The desire to look perfect and to have flawless skin is fueling, and will continue to drive, the usage of facial fat transfer globally. The global facial fat transfer market size is anticipated to reach USD 4.2 billion by 2026,

“Engage the consumer in an educational way,” says Geraldine Schefermann of Dermalogica

1 year ago 0

Geraldine Schefermann, International Education Retail Manager at Dermalogica, UK, delivered a presentation on skin microbiome at Aesthetic Medicine India Conference. We engaged her in a tete-a-tete about her experience and expertise of training skin therapists. Quite simply put, microbes that

Some skin cancers may start in hair follicles

1 year ago 0

Recent study has shown that some skin cancers start in stem cells that lend colour to hair and originate in hair follicles. Some of the most deadly skin cancers may start in stem cells that lend colour to hair, and

Global beauty devices market to surpass $34 billion by 2024

A recent study shows an increase in global demand for beauty devices as consumers are opting for various beauty care products. According to a study by, increasing levels of pollution and its detrimental effects on skin and hair are

Mary Kay reveals research on skin carrier function

Mary Kay has put forth results of a study to improve skin barrier function and facial redness. Mary Kay continued its decades-long commitment to skin science research by revealing the results of a study to improve skin barrier function and

Trending now: Laser technology

2 years ago 0

Intro: Priya Chaphekar speaks to skin experts about what’s trending in cosmetic laser technology, the skin concerns it addresses and the scope for development. At the pace at which the aesthetic dermatology market is growing – in terms of customer

Don’t miss your beauty sleep!

2 years ago 0

Sleep is as important for our bodies as breathing, eating and drinking water and disturbed sleep or lack of sleep can impact us both mentally and physically. Physically not getting enough sleep can lead our immune systems to become weaker

What is V3 lift?

2 years ago 0

V 3 lift with fillers is a type of a non-surgical lift with youthful enhancements. It is a procedure carried out on the face to give impressive results. It is developed by Dr Shuba Dharmana, Dermatologist, Lejeune Medspa Bangalore, for

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