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DUALSONIC – dual layer HIFU

2 months ago 0

Dolphin Skin Solutions introduces the world’s first patented dual layer technology HIFU called Dualsonic. It is an innovative and portable HIFU device for face lifting, wrinkles reduction and skin improvement. Dualsonic can control layer modes (3.0 or 4.5 or Dual)

Daily skincare essentials by Cetaphil

2 months ago 0

Skincare brand Cetaphil by Galderma India has announced the launch of its latest innovation Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Range. The all-new range is in line with the company’s promise and expertise of gentle skincare, even skin tone and reduced dark

European standard lash application now in India

3 months ago 0

The pioneers in semi-permanent makeup, Victress Beauty Academy has introduced natural eyelash extensions, lash lift and lash tint from Europe. Established in Amsterdam, these services are inspired by the look of all the confident women regardless of their age, education,

Teknoderm makes breathing easy

The pandemic has forced humanity to explore ideas and bring out innovations that shall be of immense help to mankind. That is where the Vihood Sizing Guide, a light-weight mobile isolation hood comes into play. Thanks to USFDA approved Vihelm

Gold standard hair removal treatment

3 months ago 0

Venus Velocity offers an ultrafast and comfortable hair removal treatment with the proven efficacy of diode laser technology and a real-time cooling system. This technology provides an optimal balance between high energy absorption of melanin chromophores and deep penetration into

Post-procedure care for skin

3 months ago 0

K-beauty products are among the most sought after cosmetics from around the world that focus on natural ingredients as a means to care and protect the skin. Functional cosmetics are highly popular in K-beauty and this is what sets them

Skinnovation introduces ‘Q-Plus Star 1 Evo’

4 months ago 0

Skinnovation introduces ‘Q-Plus Star 1 Evo’ – a versatile laser platform by Quanta Systems (Italy). Q-Plus Evo series is a powerful Nd:YAG technology available in different configurations to better adapt to every aesthetic practitioner’s needs ensuring maximum versatility. Q-Plus Star

Bio-remodelling of skin tissue for anti-ageing

4 months ago 0

Profhilo® is a new breakthrough skin treatment developed by IBSA and marketed by Alma in India. This anti-ageing treatment is an introduction of a totally new category in the injectables market. The breakthrough is neither a dermal filler, nor a

Skin Aesthetics Eye Zone Care System

4 months ago 0

The skin around the eye is thin and sensitive. This area of the eye does more actions during every verbal and non-verbal expression. Due to this, the skin around the eye is where ageing begins. Skin problems around eyes are

Cetaphil India embarks on skin innovation with its latest range

5 months ago 0

Cetaphil by Galderma India announced the launch of its latest innovation – Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Range. The all-new range is in line with Cetaphil’s promise and expertise of ‘gentle skincare’, with the added benefits of an even skin tone

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