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Light emitted from digital devices may result in skin ageing

3 days ago 0

As we know, ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a primary contributor to skin ageing and to certain other skin conditions. However, there have

Are ‘home therapies’ for body, hair, skin, and teeth the new normal?

3 days ago 0

The beauty and wellness industry has withstood Corona, and not only does it continue to thrive, but also expand. At-home skin laser treatments for curing

Skin healthcare at your fingertips

2 weeks ago 0

Avishkar is a six-month cohort-based accelerator for emerging tech startups, facilitated by CIE@IIITH. The accelerator brings together the deeptech expertise of IIITH’s research labs and

COVID-19 vaccine side-effects in dermal filler patients

2 weeks ago 0

“Guidance Regarding SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccine Side Effects in Dermal Filler Patients”, provides data from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on reactions from the

Cosmetic laser market sets it sights high

1 month ago 0

Mergers and acquisitions in the international cosmetic laser industry, along with other developments, have led to substantial growth in the industry over the past years

Skin tightening market revenue to sky rocket

1 month ago 0

Growing awareness for the latest skincare technologies and the willingness to spend more on skincare has fueled the skin tightening markets’ growth. Both men and

New investments in the New Year

2 months ago 0

Sreyas Holistic Remedies operates a chain of dermatologist clinics under the brand name of Oliva. They offer skin and hair care products and treatments. Recently,

Here’s how beauty has been redefined in 2021!

2 months ago 0

Online dermatology is set to become a necessity in 2021. New technologies have enabled online and tele consultations between patients and doctors through processes of

Intensive moisture cleanser

2 months ago 0

Dermalogica has recently launched the intensive moisture cleanser. The light, creamy cleanser, enhanced with BioReplenish Complex, removes impurities while actively nourishing dry and depleted skin.

Discover the trends for cosmetic procedures in the new year

2 months ago 0

Technological advancements in the sector of non-invasive surgeries, a rapidly growing customer clique, rampant spread of social media, and an increasing number of clinics across

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