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Amid COVID-19, pharma brands have started manufacturing hand sanitisers

2 years ago 0

While the demand for hand sanitisers have been on the rise with every passing day, new brands have started capitalising on this. And why not,

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we are answering patient queries online and through WhatsApp: Dr Mohan Thomas

2 years ago 0

While the novel coronavirus takes centre stage, India is in its lockdown mode, which Dr Mohan Thomas, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute, refers to

Here are 14 preventive measures you can’t miss for your client’s safety during the pandemic!

2 years ago 0

The COVID-19 lockdown will see its end sooner or later. But what’s next? We do not need to be hit by a novel virus, for

Twenty-one social media tips to explore in 21 days of lockdown!

It’s a lockdown period for all! On the positive side, this is the time to get our minds running on strategies! Amid the novel coronavirus


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