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World facial injectable from 2021-2028

8 months ago 0

Facial injectable are substance used to reduce wrinkles caused by ageing and restore volume and fullness in the face; they are injected directly beneath the

Integrating robust healthcare technologies and systems in your workplaces

Recently, Aesthetic Medicine’s sister division IDEX Healthcare hosted a webinar on Integrating robust healthcare technologies and systems in your workplaces. Neel Mehta, Healthcare Futurist &

How Telemedicine can be the bright spot in India

Aesthetic Medicine brought the industry together from across the globe with “Aesthetic Medicine’s Virtual Week”: Five days of important information, fantastic education, inspiration and support,

Telemedicine: Analysing its potential for the aesthetics community

As reported, the telemedicine industry is expected to create more than US$5.4 billion market opportunity by 2025. Also, India’s telemedicine guidelines issued in March 2020

Specialty physicians predict more pain ahead in the battle against COVID-19

2 years ago 0

Special Report: Multi-Specialty Impact of COVID-19 is an independent project being run by Spherix Global Insights to assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on

China-based dermatologists provide precautionary measures amid COVID-19

2 years ago 0

In the midst of the pandemic, a group of dermatologists from West China Hospital of Sichuan University treated their patients. Taking some serious precautions, Yusha


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