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Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics introduces a programme to promote weight loss and fat burning

Oliva Skin and Hair Clinics has introduced Beyond Weight Loss – a one-of-a-kind programme that promotes weight loss and fat burning by prioritising food using

Thread facelifts are rapidly gaining popularity

1 year ago 0

A thread facelift is a procedure where temporary sutures create a subtle but visible lift in the skin; so instead of removing a patient’s loose

Bengaluru sees a rise in demand for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures

1 year ago 0

Recent reports reveal that plastic surgeons in the city Bengaluru are seeing a sharp rise in the number of consultations over the past few weeks.

Cosmetic laser market sets it sights high

1 year ago 0

Mergers and acquisitions in the international cosmetic laser industry, along with other developments, have led to substantial growth in the industry over the past years

Discover the trends for cosmetic procedures in the new year

1 year ago 0

Technological advancements in the sector of non-invasive surgeries, a rapidly growing customer clique, rampant spread of social media, and an increasing number of clinics across

RealSelf reveals 2020’s highest-rated cosmetic procedures

With ratings shared by real life patients, RealSelf has come up with an estimation on the highest rated cosmetic procedures for this year. Facial treatments


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