Tag "Acne"

ITC Dermafique and Dr Aparna Santhanam demystify acne

1 year ago 0

Our skin is subjected to multiple aggressors each day – extreme weather, pollution and imbalanced diets and our own genetic predispositions – all of which

Cosmetic Lasers’ Market, soaring high!

1 year ago 0

Lasers help with a range of aesthetics procedures such as hair removal, tattoo removal, wrinkles, acne and scar removal, and skin rejuvenation. New and innovative

DermaAngel enters the Indian Market with the first officially registered acne patch

1 year ago 0

BenQ Materials Corp, leaders in the field of material science, launched their acne patch in the Indian market. This is the first officially registered acne

Skinnovation launches Secret Duo

2 years ago 0

‘Secret Duo’ by Skinnovation is the world’s first device to offer dual non-ablative technologies that works in total synergy. Secret Duo has a unique combination

How to beat the acne stigma?

3 years ago 0

Acne is a disease that plagues young adults and teenagers the most. However, older adults can also get acne. A variety of factors such as


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